Inspiration: Dust jacket plus bookmark

Dust jackets and bookmarks

This designer created dust jackets where a complimentary bookmark continued the artwork off the 2D cover. The ability to envision familiar things in a new way is a key skill for a creative type. It is not necessarily innate — it can be actively cultivated even if you don’t think you have the knack for it.

If you feel stuck on your way of viewing the world, try some of these “playful but practical ways to cultivate creativity.”

Personally I’ve been working on being more aware of the world around me, and using that to deduce things (a la The Mentalist). With this comes the usage of a memory palace where I may be “storing” objects of inspiration and ideas for future projects. I’ll report back on the progress and results of that!

Let me know if you try anything or have tried anything that works for you!