Inspiration: Coloring

(I didn’t color the above; this is from this person.)

One easy and fun way to get inspiration is by coloring. It also has the benefit of being something you can do along with your children! I particularly enjoy coloring mandalas. In particular, I use them as springboards for color ideas. I can try out different color combinations to see how pleasing they may be, or where they might work. Sometimes they spark an idea, such as, “These colors would look pretty on a Mother’s Day gift. I have a box they would be perfect on!”

Some people use coloring in general, and mandalas in particular, as a sort of meditative practice. Meditation in itself can be a source of clearing your mind to allow creative thoughts to flow.

I’ve gotten some of my coloring books on Amazon (mandala coloring books), but there are plenty of designs you can print out online. Try here or here to get you started.